Colony VI and the Revenge of the FloofleZ

Hail Space Adventurers!

Hello, I'm Rookie Crumbler and I hold the thirty-seventh position in command at Colony VI. Although I am new, I hope to learn quickly and contribute to the team.

Please don't judge me based on my experience level.

But I've been charged to send a message to all the Woozens and call them to action!

Hero Beex has finally figured out what is the problem with Colony VI: FloofleZ!

It is unclear how Colony VI was invaded by unknown species from a different part of the galaxy.

However, their rapid reproduction has caused the space station to enter lockdown in an attempt to contain them.

We find the FloofleZ adorable, but unfortunately, they have a habit of consuming metal.

This has resulted in Colony VI being slowly eaten away. It's concerning that the Commander isn't taking the issue seriously.

I wonder if there's any connection between the fluffs and his behavior.

We need your help again. Hero Beex has unlocked multiple rooms, and we need your assistance in taking control of them before things get out of hand.

You can click on the link HERE to be transported straight to our Commander's Bridge.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Legendary Adventure is out there... and a little bit here, I guess...

Rookie Crumbler, signing off.

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