Clover Arcade

Gamer Woozens,

The Clover Arcade is officially open!

In there you can play the mini-games, compete with your friends to see who gets the better scores and even exchange your tickets for rewards!

But we know you must have many questions, so we are here to answer them.

When the 8ugs are going to appear in Woozworld?

We know that many of you are having lots of fun with the 8ugs, and at first, they were scheduled to be in Woozworld until next Monday (03/27), but we decided to give you guys more time to enjoy the 8ug Crisis, so now they will be in Woozworld at least until at least Monday (04/03).

But rumour says that they are already nesting for good somewhere...

For how long will the 8ug Crisis Leaderboard be available?

The 8ug Crisis Leaderboard will be available until Monday (04/03)

I collected all these 8ug Tickets, what do I do with them?

When you catch a 8ug in Woozworld and win the mini-game, you get a 8ug Ticket, then you just need to go to the Clover Arcade and exchange the Tickets for Rewards in the Reward Booth!

But what about the Gold Tickets? What are they for?

Oh, those are the best type of Tickets! Every time you win a mini-game in one of the 8ugs that are rooming around Woozworld, there is a tiny chance to also get a Gold Ticket, and you can exchange them for special rewards or even transform them in a pack of a different type of tickets.

What will happen with the 8ug Tickets we don't expend by the end of the quest?

The Reward Booth will always be available in the Clover Arcade, even after the quest is over. But if you have more Tickets than you can expend, we'll allow you to exchange them for other resources in the future.

Talking about the future, we'll keep adding new mini-games for you to enjoy on the Clover Arcade, so keep visiting and enjoy the 8ug Crisis... Soon we'll have another cyber problem to deal with...

Woozworld Staff

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