Clash of the Cliques

New year students,

The start of the school year at Woozdale High is fast approaching, and it's crucial to be punctual on your first day. Ensure that you have your notebooks and pens ready and don't forget to read your textbooks. However, there are more pressing matters to discuss, so don't worry if you haven't done so yet.

Rumors are going around that Principal Philbert might cancel our school trip in October, but it's not fair to do so. Who started this drama?

Is Noah Null, the leader of the Alt Clique, talking to our star athlete? Everyone's worried we might lose our team captain to the drama club.

Speaking of strange happenings, Ethan Ember, the leader of the Jocks, is acting odd. He's taking summer classes with some geeks and preps and isn't hitting the gym. Is he leaving our school? Uh-oh, there goes our winning streak!

We shouldn't overlook Olivia Osgoode, the leader of the Prep Clique. She declares herself as Woozdale's queen and won't let anything hinder her plans for this year's camp trip. She's going as far as painting her nails to complement the autumn leaves.

It's important not to make assumptions about Sarah Smith based solely on appearance. While they may appear innocent at first glance, leading the Geek Clique, achieving good grades, and having an impressive Get Clover record, their summer was spent tutoring other students as a form of punishment. There may be a reason behind this, isn't it?

Lastly, there is Alexander Abbotsford, the head of the Slackers. He's currently in his third year as a senior, and there's a possibility he may remain here next year as well. Rumors suggest that he was responsible for the theft of test answers during the previous school year, but if that were the case, why hasn't he graduated yet?

Everyone is blaming each other, but only one person is responsible. The question is...

Who started all the gossip at Woozdale High?

Head to Woozdale High to uncover the truth and not miss any action!

Woozworld Staff

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