Clarification: The Debutant Reject the Gossip

Here we present the response from four of the debutantes to the publications of the Royal Watch.

Esteemed Woozens,

Receive our greetings from the debutants Edwin, Anthony, Daphnee, and Chet. Like you, we have read the Royal Watch with great astonishment, as it sounds like a tale of fiction. We CATEGORICALLY REJECT the claims made in these publications, which seem aimed solely at tarnishing our reputations as respectable Woozens worthy of your choice. All these allegations are mere fabrications by Candice, who, along with students from Woodale High, has concocted these lies to secure the title of Best Debutante for herself and her friend.

Please, do not lose faith in us.

In response, Candice and Peneloppe have sent us this letter to share with you.

Dearest Woozens,

Warm greetings from the debutantes of Mystic Alley. Clearly, the other debutants wish to see us out of the competition and have conspired to achieve this. How could we be behind the Royal Watch when it also speaks ill of us? However, we do not deny any of the revelations about our competitors, and we commend the style and elegance with which Z has exposed our "friends." Z, whoever they may be, certainly has class.

With these letters shared, we leave the decision to you, esteemed Woozens, to choose your favourite debutante.

Woozens who have voted for the Debutante that emerges victorious will have the opportunity to participate in a drawing for 3 outfits from that very Debutante. This way, they can show their support by donning the style of their chosen one.


Woozworld Staff.