Chuck's Market is Open for Business

Don't you know, Chuck?

Few people are familiar with Chuck, but upon first meeting him, he comes across as a friendly and resourceful individual.

That's why he's decided to open up his market to the Woozworld public!

What an incredible guy!

Chuck's amazing **NEW** market can be a bit difficult to find, but it's worth the search!

Chuck's Market is a highly exclusive store that is constantly on the move in Woozworld. It is never in the same location for too long, making it difficult to find.

However, if you can locate it and purchase items using special tokens, you will earn a fantastic achievement every month!

Chuck's Token is a scarce find, which is what makes it so valuable.

If these tokens were more common, there would be no need for a market dedicated to them.

You can locate Chuck's Token in various places, such as the monthly Grab, the Store, and sometimes even as a gift in the Calendar.

Keep an eye out for them, as there may be opportunities to acquire them sporadically. ;)

Guess what?

Chuck has a special Woozmas gift just for you! If you discover Chuck's Market before January 1st, you'll earn a unique title as one of Chuck's first clients!

Do you have what it takes to find Chuck's Market and become one of his top clients? You might unlock the door to Chuck's exclusive world of surprises!

Woozworld Team

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