Choose Your VIP Gift

Calling all VIPs,

How 'bout those new chat bubbles, profile themes and PoseZ? Pretty sweet, right? WELL...We're not stopping there. We've got yet another sweet surprise headed your way!

Introducing.............VIP Gifts...But with a twist!

You may remember back in 2016 we introduced VIP Gifts, these were gifts that we gave out every month. Over the years, we've taken in your feedback about waiting too long, not receiving the gift, or not tooootally loving the gift you receive. Soooooo we've decided to change up our process for handing out these gifts and create something that will allow YOU to choose the VIP Gift you want to receive!

Starting June 1 (and retroactive since January 1), you will start receiving VIP Gift Resource Tokens. What are those? Let us explain...

The VIP Gift Resource Token is a Resource that will allow you to open a very special Crafting Table and choose which VIP Gift you would like to receive for the month! The VIP Gift Resource Tokens will be handed out halfway through each month of your VIP subscription.

For the year 2022, we're celebrating our VIPs with some au-some Gold'N items! Soon you'll be able to trade in your VIP Gift Resource Token and grab the VIP Gift of your choice. From jaw-dropping Gold'N furniture & clothing items, to a Gold'N Reshapeable Unitz, to a new PoseZ, there's plenty to choose from!

These items will be tradeable/sellable (except the Unitz, PoseZ & Mannequin Furniture item) and refreshed with a new theme in January 2023 (and every year following).

IF you've already received gifts from Jan 2022 to May 2022, you will STILL receive a VIP Gift Resource Token ;)

Stay Gold'N!


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