Cheer for the Wooz!

There is no competition without someone to cheer the players, right?

It's time to show support for your favorite team! Take a selfie along with up to four friends who are also cheering for the same team, whether it be Wildcats or Furyfangs. You can earn extra points if you have a catchy chant that rhymes to go with your selfie!

Winners will get 2500 Wooz for each member in the selfie and a Title to showcase their cheering skills!

Get Creative and pay attention to the rules below:

- Your selfie must contain a cheering team of the same team.

- This contest is in groups of a maximum of 4 Woozens, don't forget to write their names in your submission.

- Please ensure your picture adheres to the theme and complies with the Woozworld code of conduct.

- Your submission must be done and sent by March 17, at 3 p.m. W.T.

You can submit HERE!

Good luck to all!