Celebrating 10 with Furniture & Unitz

Happy 10th Woozworld birthday, Woozens!

We're super excited to be celebrating Woozworld's 10-year milestone with you. To celebrate 10 awesome years, we're hitting you with a serious blast from the past! We've got A LOT of furniture and Unitz that are sure to get you right in those nostalgic feels of yours.

Some of the past events that we are revisiting in this first release of items:

Woozworld Carnival: This was a big street parade that had lots of blow-up balloons and floats

Chokoliens: These pesky chokoliens (AKA chocolate-obsessed aliens) took over Woozworld by turning the Woozband into chocolate

WooPetz: Back when we first introduced these little guys, we had a pet shop

Wuzzles: Yes, THE Wuzzles... Unfortunately at this time, they are not making a return, but we found some items that may have never been available in the past

ZombiZ vs DoctorZ: ZombiZ invaded Woozworld during Halloween 2011 and got a hold of Jenny and Jay... it was spooky.

VampirZ vs WerewolvZ: A tale said that Mya was to be the princess of the superior creature... With your help VampirZ won

TechnoZ: This is when we first introduced the WoozIn

TimeKeeperZ: This is when you met the famously controversial KountVonKlokz AKA ZackWooz (AKA Jenny's first love)

Arctic Fest: You might know about Arctic Fest, but the first one happened back in 2012, where we had you sculpting your own ice furniture

Woozcarz: Choosing between Action, Romance, Fantasy or Horror, you had to create a mini movie with the furniture and Unitz

Chokolien's Revenge: They came baaaa-aaack! And this time, they teamed up with KountVonKlokz! You could either join their team, the Choko-Klokz or the Woozband's team, Woozsavers… You can guess who won ;)

Earth Day 2012: To celebrate the earth, we had little monuments and a map Unitz (the very same one Max uses for Map Game!) Jenny also started her WooPetz hospital.

Rainbow AdventurZ: You helped GoodoldWooz solve the disappearance of Patty (Goodold's gnome friend)

Awoozing Race: You travelled the world Woozworld-style and collected little artifacts

WoozWoodz Camp: Everyone went camping for Jay's birthday and uncovered the past of ShamWooz, Woozworld's resident ghost and protector

And way, waaaaay more!

We hope you enjoy this 10th birthday surprise! Let us know which past event was your favorite in the comments!

Plush & Yada

PS - Wondering about clothing from these events? Check back soon ;)

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