Celebrate Friendship

This week, we're celebrating the one, the only... FRIENDSHIP!

With International Friendship Day coming up on July 30th, we thought, why NOT celebrate one of the best parts of Woozworld?!

Making friends is one of the greatest joys in life... And we want to make it even easier for you to do just that! This week, we'll be doing just that with different quests, contests and even items in ShopZ. You'll be introducing yourself and sending and receiving friend requests in no time!

You might also notice some broken hearts popping up around Woozworld... Check your Quest Journal to see how you can fix them! If you fix them all, you'll get to keep one of each for yourself (or you can give it to a friend ;) ).

What are you waiting for, Woozens?! Celebrate in the best way and get out there and make some new friends!

Your friendship-lovin' Woozband