CarnaWooz 2023

Woozens, what a mess!

Woozworld Mayor Wiiliam Dunn is currently in his office deciding who will organize this year's CarnavaWooz.

But luckily there are three woozens who want to take charge. They along with their team want to make proposals to the mayor to be chosen as planners of the main event.

Let us introduce you to the three teams competing to organize one of the most important events of the year in Woozworld.

Team Saturn is led by Marty Mardi. Mardi is very sporty and never lacks energy.

He doesn't know what the word tired means.

Always in action, he likes to do things in a big way, bring fireworks, music and decorations that exceed the highest building!

In Team Venus, you will meet Kelly Krewe. Fashion victim, she doesn't waste a second to say what is on her mind.

Very go-ahead, Kelly loves to take on challenges. Working while being the image of the latest clothing collection is important to her.

She doesn't shy away from anything to show that she is there to win and that the best choice is her team!

Alexis Adams, leader of Jupiter's team. At first glance, they seem shy, but Alexis stands out as an open-minded and calm person in stressful situations.

Very good to take the criticism and always trying to find ways to improve.

Losing or winning is not important, as long as the team is outperforming and having fun, Alexis is proud!

As you can see Woozens, the mayor will not be able to make his choice without a little help.

The three teams are just the top of the line and all have incredible quality, just like their leader.

There is still no news on who will finally organize the party, but there will be a meeting on the 17th to choose the team that will run the party on February 24.

See you soon in the Mayor Woozen's office!

The Woozworld Staff