Capture the Saboteurs!

Investigative Woozens,

As you know better than anyone, you've been investigating sabotaged proms all month long. And, as you know better than anyone, each time you caught the pesky saboteur, they got away. Talk about annoying!

Well, if you thought that was annoying you might not like what's coming up next...

They're baa-aaack!

The saboteurs have infiltrated Woozworld with one mission and one mission only: to ruin Woozworld's prom!!!

But don't worry just yet! They don't know that Woozworld has a built-in defence team… Woozens ;)

That's right... Once again, it's time for you to save Woozworld.

Soon, you'll be seeing James, Heather, Courtney and Jacob appearing around Woozworld and it's up to you and your fellow Woozens to capture them (for real this time.) You and your friends will have to work together to capture these saboteurs and you'll even be able to track your progress on a leaderboard!

Keep an eye on your Quest Journal for information on how to proceed soon!