CampWZW: Capture the Flag!

Camp-loving Woozens,

Get ready to play the best summer camp game of all time: CAPTURE THE FLAG!

That's right; we're about to have a Woozworld-wide game.

Allison and Carlos have divided all of you up into two teams: the Red team and the Blue team. The Red team is led by Allison and the Blue team is led by Carlos. As you probably know by now, these two reeeeally enjoy winning, so get ready for some friendly competition!

Now, before you get started, here's everything you need to know about the game!

First, you'll find out which team you're on soon! You'll have a new quest in your Quest Journal which will tell you which team you're on.

After that, you'll have to start collecting the opposite team's flags. That means if you're on the Red team, you'll be collecting blue flags. If you're on the Blue team, you'll be collecting red flags.

There will also be Gold flags! Only VIP Woozens will be able to collect these ones. Also, When you collect one of these flags, you'll have a chance to win 100 Wooz!

You will also see your team leaders, Allison and Carlos, appearing around Woozworld. Capturing them will give your team an extra boost on the leaderboard! To be able to capture them, you'll need to be wearing your team's CampWZW Defender Tee. You can find them in the CampWZW Tees section of the Clothing category in ShopZ. Like the flags, you'll have to capture the opposite team's leader, so if you're on the Red team, you'll capture Carlos and if you're on the Blue team, you'll capture Allison.

You'll be able to track your team's progress on the leaderboard, which you'll be able to access through your Quest Journal or through the WoozNewZ pop-up. The contest will go until July 28!

The winning team will be rewarded with:

An exclusive title

Wooz and Beex

Allison and Carlos' faces

Keep an eye on your Quest Journal to find out when you can get out there and start playing!

Happy capturing :)

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