Calendar Tokens

Punctual Woozens.

We know you haven't missed a single day in Woozworld and that's why we want to reward you every day.

You see, each month we have a calendar that leaves you with a daily gift.

You have the opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards such as distinct titles, profile skins, and speech bubbles.

If you collect all the rewards, you'll also receive an exceptional piece of furniture as a special bonus.

However, we also know that there may be a day when you won't be able to log in, so we introduce Calendar Tokens!

How do they work?

It's very easy, you can get the tokens, as a reward in the calendar, with Sowilo, during her animation, and you can redeem them for the gift of the day you missed.

You can also buy a token if you don't have one, so you won't miss a single calendar day, the final gift, or the title you wanted.

Can I buy future days with the tokens?

Nope, you can't.

Don't miss a day, so you don't miss out on your prizes ;)


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