Builder Jack is back!

Howdy Woozens,

It's ya ol' pal Builder Jack here!

If we ain't met yet, what the heck'r ya doin' here? Head over to ya Quest Journal and come meet me in my Shop! I've got a rootin'-tootin' awesome adventure that ya don't wanna miss out on!

If we've already met, I'd like to thankya for all of ya help in finding them blueprints for my new Shop Expansion. Hoo-ey, ya wouldn't believe how much work it was to put that sucker together! AND, wouldn't ya believe it...This handyman found EVEN MORE blueprints to build...well, EVEN MORE Unitz! Check'm out below!

Anyhoo, ya ol' pal Jack is back in action and I'm ready to show ya my brand new Shop Expansion! It's got it all...Couches, a kitchen, and a heckin' nice workshop area! Of course, ya already seen MY workshop, y'know ya pal Jack is a simple man, don't need TOO much space. I've decided to share the new space with someone very special, near an' dear to my heart, y'know?

Make ya way over to ya Quest Journal and find out who the new Shop Expansion is for...ya may even make a new friend along the way!

Once ya complete the whole darn-tootin' adventure, check ya pockets for some knee-slappin' color tokens as a "Thankya" from me!

But, hold ya horses, newcomers! In order to peep ya eyes on the Shop Expansion, ya gotta complete the first adventure ol' Jack prepared for ya!

See ya,

Builder Jack

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