Bromeo's Slice of Heaven

As you know by now, Bromeo and Joliette are no more, but that doesn't mean Bromeo's got nothing to do!

Since the end of his relationship, he's decided to focus on his first true love... Pizza.

That's right.

P I Z Z A.

This isn't as random as it sounds. Bromeo's family has actually owned a pizzeria for decades, so you could say he knows a thing or two about pizza. His family has been thinking about opening a new pizzeria for awhile now and they think Woozworld would be the perfect location. The best part? Bromeo will be in charge of this new restaurant!

Bromeo is super stoked about his new position running a new restaurant and he definitely wants to switch things up a bit. His family is definitely more traditional when it comes to pizza and restaurants, while Bromeo likes to think outside the (pizza) box.

In fact, he's thinking so far outside the box that he's thinking of you, the Woozens. He loved the Unitz you designed for he and Joliette's date and he can't get them out of his head! So, he was thinking... Would you design his new pizzeria?

He knows it's a lot to ask, but he would definitely make it worth it. Not only would the winner's Unitz be immortalized in Woozworld's Navigator, but the winner would also receive an exclusive achievement and title along with Wooz!

So, do you think you're up for the challenge? You can read the rules and submit your pizzeria Unitz in the Contests category of the Woozworld Navigator!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and take a SLICE outta the competition!

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