Bromeo & Joliette: A Classic Romance, with a Dark Twist

THIS JUST IN: we have a new romaaaance on our hands!

You remember Joliette? The Caps' daughter?

Well, turns out she has a SECRET BOYFRIEND!

There's just one problem...

Joliette is not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, allowed to date.

-pause for dramatic emphasis-


That's right. She's a rule-breaker!

Turns out the Caps are preeeetty strict when it comes to parenting their daughter. Apart from not having internet, Joliette's social activities are very limited. She is only allowed to do approved activities with friends and is never allowed to spend the night at friends' houses. TV is pretty much a no-no, unless Lord or Lady Cap specifically approve. The same goes for books. The biggest no-no in the Cap household, though, is DATING.

This guy must be pretty special if Joliette's willing to throw caution to the wind and break the rules. So, who could this mystery guy be?

Without any further ado, meet...

Bromeo Mont!

A classmate of Joliette's, Bromeo is a good-natured, funny guy. He's great at sports, which is good since he has a competitive spirit. Bromeo's soft-spoken, but also really fun to be around. He's observant and has a great eye, which is actually how he and Joliette met...

Joliette was working on a painting in the art room after school one day at the very same time that Bromeo had soccer practice. He happened to be walking by the art room on his way to the field when Joliette's art caught his eye. He couldn't stop thinking about it. Throughout soccer practice he was distracted. He just couldn't get the painting out of his head! He had to know who painted it.

After practice, he made sure to walk by the art room again. Luckily, the painting (and the artist) was still there! Bromeo walked into the art room, brimming with natural confidence and charisma.

"Hi," he said to the artist's back, "I love your work. It's classically gothic, with..."

"With a dark twist." Joliette said, turning around and locking eyes with Bromeo.

"E-exactly," stammered Bromeo, "I'm Bromeo."

"Joliette," she said with a smirk, reaching out to gently shake Bromeo's out-stretched hand.

"Nice to meet you, Joliette." said Bromeo, blushing uncharacteristically.

"Likewise." Joliette replied, her usually-pale cheeks blooming into a bright pink.

And the rest is history.

Bromeo's good-natured humour balanced out Joliette's dark sarcasm perfectly. His optimistic outlook challenged her pessimism. Their shared passion and devotion to their respective crafts bonded them immediately. Basically, they were OTP goals right away.

Since that first meeting, the two have been meeting in secret, but the Caps seem to be onto them. They've been asking Joliette a lot of questions lately, leading her to believe they suspect something is going on. She hasn't been able to meet with or talk to Bromeo as much as she'd like to and she's worried their relationship could be doomed.

If only someone could help these lovebirds out... Someone dependable, loyal and, of course, kind-hearted would be perfect.

Well, if you think of anyone, let us know. 

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