Bromeo and Joliette: Happily Ever After?

As you know, Joliette LOVED the Unitz you made for her and Bromeo! She loved them ALMOST as much as she loved talking to you all.

In fact...

You Woozens actually inspired Joliette to be honest with her parents! She felt so empowered by your friendliness and openness that she decided she couldn't hide her love anymore. So, she sat her parents down and told them everything. She told them how they met, how they exchanged notes, how much they love each other.

To her surprise, her parents were supportive! They were disappointed that she wasn't honest with them from the beginning, but they also understood that she was scared they wouldn't approve. After a lengthy chat, Lord and Lady Cap decided that they would try to be a little less strict with Joliette as long as she promised to be 100% honest with them. And this wonderful development is all thanks to you, Woozens!

With their relationship out in the open, Bromeo and Joliette were finally able to go on their first REAL date. It was... Okay.

Turns out, Bromeo and Joliette don't have much in common. For instance, Bromeo loooves junk food (especially pizza,) while Joliette is a very health-conscious vegan. Joliette loves alternative indie bands, but Bromeo is super into all the latest pop and hip-hop hits. He loves outdoorsy activities, like hiking and camping, but she would rather spend her time touring museums or galleries. When it comes to movies, Bromeo mostly watches goofy comedies, while Joliette prefers period pieces or documentaries.

There was one thing they could agree on, though... Breaking up.

With their relationship out in the open, Bromeo and Joliette no longer had the one thing that truly bonded them: a secret. Without their secret, there was nothing keeping them together and they soon realized they'd be better off as friends.

Soooooo... A little anticlimactic, right? But, not every story has a perfect, fairy-tale ending. All in all, we wish Bromeo and Joliette all the best on their separate journeys!

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