Good day, Woozens.

By now, you've had plenty of time to look around Her Majesty's Cabin. Did you notice anything out-of-the-ordinary? Perhaps an interesting theme?

For those of you who aren't quite as eagle-eyed as me, I'll break it down.

What began appearing around Woozworld after the Woozband boarded the HMS Valenship?


What word was used in place of 'like' in that out-of-place blog post?

"Choose the vacation that you heart the most"

What appears throughout Her Majesty's Cabin?


Notice a particular theme?


This can only mean one thing... The mysterious "Her Majesty" is really... The Queen of Hearts!

The Queen of Hearts notoriously (and ironically) hates love. She probably put that whole Valenship scam together just to try and turn the Woozband (and Woozens!) against one another with that Vals vs Pals contest. When that didn't work, the Woozband DISAPPEARED! Very interesting.

It's time to kick this investigation into high gear! Check your Quest Journal shortly for your first mission...

Yours suspiciously,