Brace yourselves...For Dragons Eggs!

Gold-Diggin' Woozens,

We come to you bearing some dire news! Turns out that opening that portal DID disturb someone...or something... in the Mine.

It seems that the rumble in the Mine wasn't Charles' stomach after all. How do we know that? Well, the Miners have seen traces of the beast all over the Mine! From giant footprints to scratches on the walls, to a suspicious note written in charcoal. It read:

dr4c0 w122 h4v3 h3r 4rm7

It looks like Draco's been alive and well in the Mine, perhaps enjoying an extra-long hibernation *must be nice*. Mr. O'Neil and his crew were able to decipher the message; they are almost certain it says "Draco will have her army".

But what could she be trying to create an army with? Well, there have been a couple of reports of some mysterious-looking eggs...

You'll never guess what's inside........ That's right, CHICKENS!



-checks reports-

Apologies...They are actually ferociously adorable little DRAGONS!

What does this mean for Woozworld? Well, we don't want to alarm you, but it means that there is some serious TROUBLE.

We need YOU to gather as many Dragon Eggs as possible before Draco gets her hands on them to create her army!

For a mission this big, it's best to work in teams. Luckily for you, we're taking a page out of the history books to bring you... Dragon Houses!

Join a Dragon House and start hatching Dragon Eggs! How do you get your hands on a Dragon Egg? Simple, make your way to ShopZ and take your pick at your fave Dragon Egg. Choose wisely, though, the Dragon House that you choose will determine which Prom Royalty crown you're going to fight for. The Dragon House that has the most eggs will be crowned the Dragon House Victor!

Of course, these eggs are just like any other egg... They need to be HATCHED! In order to hatch your eggs, you can use an Incubator that you already own, orrrrrr you can get your hands on the Dragon Egg Incubator which will hatch your Dragon Eggs even faster! Each Dragon Egg that you hatch is a point for your Dragon House... AND it includes a ferociously adorable new BestiZ!

The Dragon House Victor AND the Dragon House Runner-Up (2nd place) will each receive a Title + Achievement, Wooz, AND an extra little *something* ;)

Keep an eye on the Leaderboard to see which Dragon House is in the lead! The contest will end on Tuesday, June 28.

Don't wait, Woozworld is counting on you!

Choose your Dragon House today and start hatching those eggs!

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