Black Friday Week with GemZ

In the depths of the mines, Builder Jack and Nora have discovered a new type of resource - GemZ. They seem to have special properties that shine and give off light naturally. The GemZ seem to have a very limited supply.

Starting Tuesday, November 22 until Monday, November 28, GemZ will be available in special offers in the Woozworld Store. You can use the GemZ feature button to access the GemZ crafting table. On November 23 and November 25, Builder Jack and Nora are going to add brand new recipes. You also will also be able to craft some items you haven't been able to get before (past WoozDeal items, GrabZ, etc).

This isn't the only way to get those GemZ, Woozens. The November 24 & December 1 Treasure Thursday will include GemZ for the grand winner and random winners. GemZ will also be added to select GrabZ on November 25th.

Lastly on December 2nd, Builder Jack and Nora will give you a chance to buy their remaining supply of GemZ with your Wooz. More information will come then.

GemZ crafting will be available until Monday December 5th.

The GemZ await,

Woozworld Staff