BestiZ Update and Tips

Woozens, big news, BestiZ are back!

(previously known by some of you as "WooPetz")

You can adopt one for free and learn the basics of caring for them by heading to your Quest Journal and meeting up with Professor Maple.

Check out all the details below for more tips on how to care for your BestiZ!

We have recently added an important update due to popular demand following all of the BestiZ Hotels and Daycare Centers you created in the last few days:

As of this morning, other Woozen's BestiZ can now eat & drink the water and food from the bowls in your Unitz when they visit. If you don't want that share, you simply have to lock your bowls, then only your BestiZ will be able to use it:

Tips and Q&A

How to access the BestiZ

You can access the list of all the BestiZ that you own by clicking on this button in the menu:

You haven't adopted one yet? Make sure to go see Professor Maple at the Rescue Center, he'll let you adopt one for free! You want more BestiZ? Head to ShopZ, and check out all of the different species you can adopt! (For Wooz or Beex)

How to teach new tricks and skills to your BestiZ

Click on your BestiZ level to open their Skills window, then activate any skill or trick by using your Skill Points.

How to earn Skill Points

It's simple! Your BestiZ will earn one Skill Point every time they earn enough XP (Experience Points) to level up. All of your BestiZ can reach up to Level 99.

How to earn XP

Your BestiZ will earn XP anytime they eat or drink. Make sure you listen to them when they tell you they're hungry or thirsty! High-Quality and Premium BestiZ Food will give them even more XP, if you wish to level them up faster.

Your BestiZ will also earn XP by doing different activities: Sleeping, playing with toys and balls, taking a bath, etc. Make sure to keep them occupied if you want to teach them new stuff!

Different BestiZ have different skills and clothing

Not all BestiZ can learn the same tricks, some are specific to certain species! Also, there are certain species of BestiZ that have access to different styles of clothing and accessories (but not all of them).

"Why are my BestiZ so small?"

Every BestiZ starts small, but will grow over time as they level up!

How to teach your BestiZ to play with Toys & Balls

Teach them the "Play" and "Kick Ball" skills to help them get used to playing with all sorts of toys!

The higher the skill level, the more it will encourage your BestiZ to play with more toys!

How to prevent your BestiZ from pooping on the floor

A little while after eating, your BestiZ will need to... take care of business. If you want to prevent them from doing it directly on the floor, you'll need to teach them the "Litter Usage" skill and get them a litter box. Remember, you'll need to empty it before it's full, or else your BestiZ won't be able to use it.

"Can I change my BestiZ color?"

Yes! You can use 1 Recolor Token to change your BestiZ colors as often as you want, by accessing its Wardrobe:

"Do I get to keep the old WooPetz I had on my account?"

Of course, every WooPetz you previously owned now appears in the BestiZ window, you simply need to give them a new home! They all start at Level 1.

"Is there a limit to how many BestiZ I can own?"

Nope! You can have as many BestiZ as you wish! Buuuuut...You can only bring one BestiZ with you when you go a visit a Unitz.

"Are my BestiZ eating and leveling up while I'm away?"

Your BestiZ will "hibernate" one hour after you leave your Unitz, if no other Woozens stop by to visit. While they hibernate they'll stop drinking, eating and leveling up. If a Woozen visits your Unitz (even while you're away), this will still wake your BestiZ (then they'll go back to hibernate one hour after there's no more activity in your Unitz).

"I don't want other people bringing their BesitZ in my Unitz!"

Easy! Just turn off the "Allow BestiZ" in your Unitz settings. This will only affect other Woozen's BestiZ, your own can still hang out in your Unitz.

"Can my BestiZ die if I don't give them water or food for a long time?"

Your BestiZ will never die, even if you don't give them water and feed them. However, they will not be very energic and will not be able to learn more skills and level up.

"Where can I find water for my BestiZ and my PlantZ?"

Different sources of water have been hidden around Woozworld... try to find them all, and share the locations with your friends! You can collect free water from each source every few hours. If you collected excess amounts of water that you don't need, you can sell it on the Marketplace for a few Beex.

"Where can I find food for my BestiZ?"

Head to the BestiZ Boutique to craft your own basic food for your BestiZ, or head to ShopZ to purchase some High Quality & Premium food. Woozens can also sell their excess food on the Marketplace, so keep a sharp lookout!

We hope you enjoy playing with your BestiZ and building them awesome Unitz! Keep your eyes open for future updates that may include more BestiZ, new accessories, new skills, and plenty of other surprises :)

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