Become a YetiLand Ambassador

YetiLand-lovin' Woozens,

We hope you're enjoying your visit to YetiLand! We'll admit, it's great, but it's not quite perfect...

It seems that the YetiLand staff has become a little overwhelmed! Looks like they weren't expecting the park to be such a hit!

Some of the YetiLand staff members are looking for volunteers to help out with a few tasks around the park. Nothing too labour intensive... Just your average good samaritan jobs!

It's a good thing we know some generous Woozens that looooove to lend a helping hand!

Make your way through YetiLand and chat up some of the staff members! If you complete enough tasks around the park, you'll become a YetiLand Ambassador!!

What does a YetiLand Ambassador get, you wonder? Well, not only will they have bragging rights, they'll also receive a Title & Achievement, along with some sweet, sweet Wooz!

Head on over to YetiLand and help out the staff members to make YetiLand an awesome place for visitors!

Good luck!

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