BBQ Buffet

Hey Woozens!

As you know, BBQ season is right around the corner and we wanted to create a BBQ Buffet using YOUR fave dishes! We asked you to send in 3 of your go-to BBQ dishes for when you're hosting or hitting up a backyard grillin' party! We've divided your top choices into 3 categories, mains, sides, and desserts!

Check out your BBQ Buffet below.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Every BBQ needs some chicken burgers, wings, drumsticks, you name it!


Although they're messy, ribs are a classic BBQ dish to serve! Make 'em with BBQ sauce or Korean style, no matter what, you and your messy guests will be super pleased!

Hot Dogs/Sausages

Hot-diggity-dog! No BBQ is complete without some hot dogs/sausages! BUT no hot dog is complete without the OG toppings, ketchup, mustard, and relish!


Whether it's a cheeseburger or a veggie burger, you can never go wrong with some patties on the grill!


Chicken, beef, tofu, veggies, fish...The possibilities for kebabs are endless!


Got some leftover salsa, meat, and veggies? Grab some cheese and throw it all together on some tortilla chips and you've got the best BBQ side dish!

Grilled Corn

We know it's corny....but grilled corn is a-maize-ing!

Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese is grate.......too cheesy?

Potato Salad

Potatoes, nature's perfect vegetable. If your BBQ doesn't include french fries or a baked potato, you know you gotta have some potato salad!

Stuffed Vegetables

Whether it's jalapeno poppers, stuffed mushrooms, or stuffed zucchini, this side dish will never disappoint!

Ice Cream

If you're looking for the perfect ice cream flavour for your next BBQ, turns out most of you identify most with Cookie Dough Ice Cream!


Who doesn't love a beautiful fruit platter?! Not matter what, just don't forget the watermelon!


The. most. refreshing. dessert!


Cherry, apple, peach, strawberry...the choices are endless! Don't forget to top it off with a heaping scoop of ice cream.


Chocolate fountain, anyone?

If you'd like to add something a little more unique to your palate, check out some of the more adventurous menu items we got.

Tuna on plain potato chips

Out of salsa? Don't worry, there's tuna!

Doritos dipped in water

Some people just want to watch the world burn...


We need more details...

Hot Dog Salad

We have a few questions..

A plain onion

Less dishes to clean, right?

Thanks for all of your suggestions, Woozens!

Grill on!