Battle of the Bands - Result

Hello Musical Woozens!

I've promoted and published my fair share of bands. like Wooz Fighters, BTZ, Main Street BoyZ, and too many others to count. But these new ones? They're etched in my memory forever!

Let me introduce you to the new Wooz Bands of 2023!

NewStarZ, Kehls, Hua, tsukijiri and Sobangcha.

Euphonia, ---Sunday, -Txa, BluePrimrose, Defining and dina-forever.

WoozWave, pinksurrender, skyiine, skinwaiker and -unconscious.

Studio7, foikiore, -Darnell, -satellite and skull.

MelodyWoozens, mandalina, LefterisGreek, dinzie, YZY JayMaraj and Woozen-65465937.

The Moon Walkers! Jimst,TG007, Smileybear, Ririk, Penelapi and -TigerLee-.

6WIFTIEZ AkariYuu, ANADARDAY, Stephanieier, -Cameryn-, JailenSlays and -ChrisDior23.

WoozadonnaZ MermaidMotel, xPriya , Saivatore, yui, Ghouiie and aki.

Sunrise MST Mollyjonesype, Shomiya and Turbos.

X3 Challenger, Chun-Li, Cindriella, Day-Z, x3-Fashion-x3

Incredible job, Woozens!

I can't wait to hear your tunes on the stage.

But now, duty calls, I've got a meeting to attend.

Don't worry, though. I'll be back, that's a producer's promise

Catch you later,

Mel Odious - Just a friendly face, not a villain.