Avoiding Phishing: Tips and Tricks

Since our latest Safety Workshop was focused on phishing, we asked Woozens for their best tips and tricks to avoid being phished! We're happy to say that many Woozens seem well-prepared. Remember these tips if you ever suspect you might be getting phished!

General Tips by xElliot

1. Make it a rule to NEVER give out your account info, not even to your BFF! You never know who is being your friend just to steal you items. Remember to NEVER let anyone on your account for any reason, even if they promise you the latest Store outfits.

2. Never trust scam sites! Scam sites are websites other than Woozworld that ask for your account log-in in exchange for wooz, vip, or even items. They might even use pictures from WoozWorld to try to trick you.

3. Mods or the Woozband will NEVER ask you for your account info. If you see someone claiming to be their "back-up" don't believe them!

4. Spread the word! If you see someone encouraging someone else to visit one of those sites, or someone asking for account info, let them know its a scam.

5. Report Report Report! The moderation team reviews every report made. If you see a post encouraging others to try a scam site or anyone asking for your account log-in, make sure to report them! Reporting them helps keep WoozWorld safe from scammers and makes it more fun for everyone.

Avoid Getting Phished by satcyccc7

1. Make Your Walls For Your Trusted Friends Only

2. When Woozens Pc You About Free Money Or Items Report Them, If They Keep On Pc'ing You, Block Them

3. Do Not Trust Any Websites That Make You Enter Your Email And Password For Free Items, They Are Just Greedy People

Hope This Helps!

It's Okay To Say No by Reverence

What I do to avoid phishing? Simple! The first rule is to NEVER TRUST anyone whom you just met and asks for your personal information. Either on the internet or in real life, don't give out your personal information. Also, one of the tricks to avoid phishing is to always ask why the person is asking your information. It is always good to make sure about stuff. If you have doubts about to the person, don't give your information. It's not bad to say 'no,' especially when it's about your information. Lastly, always be careful. You never know what the person's intention.

Think About It by Gemmalinda

Phising is a serious topic in Woozworld. First off, free items might seem great and all in this game, however when someone's giving out free items for information, don't do it. They won't be giving free items; it's a scam. Think these things before deciding:

1) Will I really get anything?

2) If they really were giving out free items, why would they need my info?

3) Maybe I shouldn't trust it after all

Think these things, and then if you clarify it all to be true, report them, and leave. Never interact, because you'll only stir up more trouble.

Follow the Rules by coolphill

Don't give your account info to other Woozens, or anyone in general.

Don't use sites that promise free VIP/Wooz/Beex/rares or anything in general. Use the security question to help keep your account safe! Try and use long passwords, and always remember: no matter how bad someone pushes you to give out your info, DO NOT. They can't do anything to hurt you as long as you follow the rules and the Code of Conduct!

Just RIB It! by crylove

R= REPORT the Woozen that is asking for your information.

I= IGNORE the message or PC (don't reply back)

B= BLOCK the Woozen

Simple, Yet Effective by clare2010

Your password should be completely different from your username.

Your Password, Your Safety by WarriorCats258

Never give out your password, even if someone claims to be Woozband or a moderator because Woozband and moderators will never ask for your password.

Be Cautious by ILoveCatSynu

You should always be cautious whle using the internet. You never know who the people that you are talking to really are. You should never give your login details to ANYONE no matter how good of a friend that person is.

Shut the Door! by dina-rocks

Here are tips on how to say NO when a phished is walking up to you:

1 - Avoid scammers, if someone has advised you to report someone for scamming then make sure you stay away from that person

2 - If you are in need of Wooz, Beex, VIP or goods, DO NOT search sites that 'provide you with everything you need.' They actually take your personal information and hack into your account and take everything on your account.

3 - If you feel like someone is trying to attempt phishing, just remember to… REPORT!


Thanks for the great tips, Woozens!

Your Woozband