August Events 2022

Summertime Woozens,

How IS it going?! We hope you've enjoyed your relaxing holiday away at the Woozworld Cottage! There's nothing better than soakin' up rays on the side of the lake, ya know?

We know how much you love a sneak peek, so we're here to give you all the HOT goss on what's to come your way this hot hot August! Sit back, continue to relax, and get a load of these awesome events coming your way this month!

We're not sure if you're aware, but there are a few fun World Days in August to celebrate some of your fave BestiZ buds! We're talking International Cat Day, Dog Day, and even... World Elephant Day!

To kick things off, we're celebrating our fave gentle giants, elephants! We're heading into the wilderness to an Elephant Sanctuary full of goodies to treat your Elephant BestiZ! Keep your eyes peeled for new Elephant BestiZ toys & accessories, along with a gorgeous, or should we say ele-gant, new furniture line to help you create your own elephant sanctuary!

Of course, no summer would be complete without some sort of festival... or should we say... BESTIVAL! That's right, we're hosting our very first BestiZ Festival! There are all sorts of awesome Bestival Furniture items coming your way! Keep your eyes on the Contests section of the Navigator, cause you KNOW we'll wanna see your beautiful Bestivals!

We can't forget about our weekly styles... Buuuuuuuuut, we've got a very *special* contest that will give YOU the chance to design the weekly styles! That's riiiiiiiight, there's a Woozen Outfit Design Contest headed your way! Stay tuned for all the deets and this season's theme!

Speaking of style, keep your eyes on the Social Contest Window for alllll sorts of different contests! From Cat Day to safari to fantasy fashions, we've got all sorts of Selfie Contests to help you keep up with what's hot this August!

That's all we can tell you for now...

Have a lovely August, Woozens!

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