August Activities

Superstar Woozens,

Time to go big!

Do you want fame? Do you want a fortune? So you better be ready to put on a show! YES, Woozworld's Next Superstar is coming!

If you are a single artist or a band member, there will be a place for you in the great music festival that is coming to Woozworld, so keep your ears sharp to not miss a beat!

We will be hosting various contests to showcase your artistic style, regardless of whether you are a metalhead or a K-pop fan. This month, all members of NationZ will come together for the grand finale.

But if singing is not for you, we'll also allow you to show your musical skills with many instruments, so get your drumsticks and picks ready to make some nice tunes for all of Woozworld to enjoy!

And did we tell you about the calendar? No?! You enjoy so much the July Calendar, that we decided to make another one for August! So get ready for another month full of gifts coming your way!

Welcome to August in Woozworld!

Woozworld Staff

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