Attention Woozens! The Royal Watch is Here

Dearest Woozens, you may not know me...

Or perhaps you do, we shall see.

But that doesn't matter for now.

What should grab your attention is that I bring you some fresh gossip for which you will be grateful later.

"Gossip about what?" you might ask. "Nothing has happened..." Ah, but that is about to change.

It appears that certain young gentlemen and ladies of noble birth are eager to make their grand entrance into the high society of Woozworld.

However, before they achieve this, they must undergo the keen scrutiny of the Royal Watch.

What is the Royal Watch? You are reading it now, darling.

Catch up!

Anyway, enough about me.

Let's get to the matter at hand. The debutants... Oh, what juicy and sweet gossip we have about these six young individuals! You'll find they don't have just one dark side, but several. They also have a few virtues, but that's a tad boring, and I know you'll agree. Well, it will be your task to decide whom to support in their quest to make the best debut at Prom 2024, so you must stay well-informed (with me, of course).

Yes, darling, I know I haven't introduced them yet, here you go. There are 3 pairs, each representing a Woozworld Nation.

-From Mystic Alley, we have Peneloppe of Mysteria Vales and Candice of Sunnyside.

-From Cortoza, we have Edwin of Cortoza Manor and Anthony of Cortoza Harbour.

-Lastly, but certainly not least, from Hollywooz, we have Daphnee and Chet of Hollywooz Square.

These six Woozens will compete to showcase their Beauty, Elegance, Enchantment, Xcellence to see who makes the best debut at the Prom, as I mentioned earlier.

How will you know if they are worthy of your support?

That's why I'm here, darling.

Just make sure to read my updates and everything will be a disast...

I mean a delight, everything will turn out wonderfully.

Additionally, if you wish, you can visit them to interact and hear about their virtues, how good they are, yada yada...

There is also an official blog dedicated to them. But for the real fun, come and read the Royal Watch.

Stay tuned for more news.



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