Are You Ready To Picnic?

Spring-loving Woozens,

It's time to enjoy Woozworld's beautiful weather! One of our favorite ways to enjoy springtime in Woozworld? Picnics!

Taking inspiration from Japan's beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival, we decided it was time to hit the ground and host our very own cherry blossom picnic here in Woozworld. Our adorable new picnic furniture can be found in the the Spring category of ShopZ now!

So, grab your friends and hit the (virtual) outdoors in style! There's no better way to spend an afternoon with friends than by sharing a meal in a beautiful setting. Talk about quality time!

Since we love to picnic, too, we'll be visiting yours! Just make sure to have "picnic" in the title of your Unitz so we can find it. Our favorite one will get an extra special surprise!

Don't let the sunshine slip away! Get out there and get picnickin'!

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