April Activities

Adventurous Woozens,

March was a month full of games and adventures, and we have a hunch that it's not over yet!

Our mini-games are only beginning to reveal their full potential, but more on that in another post...

For now, we're here to talk about APRIL!

The month will kick off with a new Egg hunt in celebration of Easter & Spring, followed by Sowilo beckoning you for a new adventure shortly after!

We'll have more leaderboards and titles, so get ready to play!

We will also feature plenty of new styles, most made by Woozens, just like you!

Be prepared to compete in a variety of selfie and UnitZ contests, along with a brand-new contest that allows YOU to create your very own mini-game levels!

Welcome to April in Woozworld! Remember to water your plants and enjoy Spring.

Woozworld Staff

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