April 2021 Activities


April is here! The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming and the showers, well, they're showering.

As per usual, at the start of a new month, we've got a runthrough of all the fun stuff we have in store for you! And trust us, you won't be disappointed this April!

We're starting the month off with some pranks! Find the April Fool's Day SymbZ in the PrankZ category of ShopZ. Prank your friends until April 1 at 12PM WT. After that, the prank will be on you!

We'll move on from the funny stuff with something brand-new that you've never seen before! In celebration of spring, for the first week of April, we're going green! That's right, everything in Woozworld will be green. All Unitz, furniture, backgrounds and everything in ShopZ and your closets will be a gorgeous hue of green. We can't wait to see you rock it!

We're giving ShopZ a makeover! We've been feeling nostalgic, so we're replacing everything in ShopZ with items from 2013 or earlier. Talk about a blast from the past!

April 15 is Rubber Eraser Day! We'll be celebrating this indispensable item by erasing everything on our WoozIns up until now. Time for a fresh start!

We have something BIIIG coming to ShopZ for you. As usual, we're staying tight-lipped about the details, but let's just say... You'll be soaring ;)

In celebration of Earth Day, Woozworld is going dark! For the week of Earth Day (April 19-23) Woozworld will be offline. Time for you to turn off the screen, conserve some power and get outside to enjoy some nature!

As many of you know, Jenny's birthday is April 27. This year, she's keeping it lowkey, so there won't be a party. You can send her well-wishes on her WoozIn!

April 30 is everyone's favorite day: National Raisin Day! Prepare yourself for an epic day of celebrations for everyone's #1 dried, shriveled fruit.

As you can see, we've got aaaaa lot of new stuff coming to you this month, so get ready!

Happy April :)

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