Ancient NationZ: The Story Behind the NationZ

Curious Woozens,

For years, we've searched high and low for a complete mythology of the NationZ of Woozworld with no luck… Until now.

While cleaning up Mrs. Nilbog's mess in the library, we (literally) stumbled over a large, mysterious-looking book that was propping open a door. When we opened it up, we were SHOOK to find it was a complete mythological history of Woozworld's famous NationZ. We FINALLY have the backstories we've always wanted!

There's a section for each NationZ and, let me tell you, they have spared no detail! We're currently working our way through the book, but it's definitely gonna take a minute (or several.) This is what we've learned so far:

Colony V was the first NationZ created. It represents the sky.

Cortoza was the second NationZ created. It represents the underworld.

Lib Street and Mystic Alley came third. They were originally one NationZ representing earth, but ended up being split into two with Lib Street representing the sun and Mystic Alley representing the moon.

We'll be keeping you updated with excerpts from the book here on the blog! There's a lot of info to go through, so we'll be posting periodically. Make sure to check in regularly!

Yours weirdly,


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