Ancient NationZ: Sibling Rivalry

Myth-busting Woozens,

Sooooooo, you remember that mythology book we were so happy to read and tell you all about? Yeah… Well, it was hidden away for a reason… It was sorta enchanted. By reading from it, those ancient gods and goddesses were awakened. And they aren't exactly stoked about it.

Turns out they haven't been on the best terms for the last billion years or so. Sibling rivalry, amirite? Apparently, their relationship wasn't patched up quite as easily as the book led us to believe. For a little refresher, we learned from the book that Zeuse was the most powerful of her siblings, though she was the youngest. To keep everyone feeling happy (and equal,) Zeuse bestowed upon each of her siblings a NationZ that they could rule.

Sounds like everything ended well, right?

Apparently not.

Now with the gods and goddesses back, the NationZ have been thrown into turmoil, but we're not exactly sure why… All we know is they are gonna need some SERIOUS help to clean things up. Keep your eye on your Quest Journal for your instructions. In the meantime we'll try to get to the bottom of why all of this is happening.

So what are you waiting for?? Go forth and save the NationZ!

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