Ancient NationZ: Mystic Alley's History

"May the moon guide your mind."
-Woozworld Mythology, ch. Mystic Alley, p. 1598

When Zeuse bestowed a NationZ upon each of her siblings, ArtemiZ took rule of the beautiful Mystic Alley. Ruled by the moon, Mystic Alley is a NationZ bathed in soft light and shadows. Intuitive ArtemiZ, goddess of nature, was very pleased when her sister bestowed this NationZ upon her.

Full of wonder and mystery, Mystic Alley is the most ethereal of the NationZ. With a most unique fauna and flora, this is the NationZ for those calm heart and curious at mind. Though tranquil at first glance, Mystic Alley is a bustling NationZ and home to some of Woozworld's greatest minds, such as Merlin (and Squirlin, too, I suppose.) It is a place for those who wish to discover something new each day, study quietly or simply relax in nature. Inhabitants of Mystic Alley are very much aware of the importance of the body-mind connection, just as ArtemiZ was, and work hard to keep it healthy.

Patient, level-headed ArtemiZ, of course, had to deal with some conflict in Mystic Alley, but calm, thoughtful conversation would usually resolve such issues. Like her twin brother, ArtemiZ had a very even-keeled nature, though if pushed, her temper would be shown. Luckily, this was a rare occurrence.

Due to ArtemiZ's dependable nature, Mystic Alley remains much the same as it was in the early days. Inhabitants generally live and work together in harmony and the native plants continue to thrive.

In peaceful Mystic Alley, let your spirit be one with your mind.

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