Ancient NationZ: Cortoza's History

"Behind every light stands a shadow."
-Woozworld Mythology, ch. Cortoza, p. 642

After finishing the Colony V chapter of Woozworld Mythology, we couldn't wait to start the next one! Wanna know the dark, twisted story of Cortoza? Keep reading.

As the eldest child of Zaia and CronoZ, HadeZ felt that one day he would rule the gods. When his younger sister banished their father, becoming the most powerful of the gods and taking the throne as queen of the gods, HadeZ was thankful... And resentful. When Zeuse created the beautiful NationZ of Colony V, HadeZ resentment only grew. He became unhappy, pessimistic... Dark.

As you may know, Zeuse was battling with her own issues of balance in Colony V. Seeing her brother struggling with his jealousy and darkness, she decided that her siblings would also rule their own NationZ. She bestowed upon HadeZ Cortoza, the NationZ of darkness and shadows.

Old-fashioned, gloomy and dark, Cortoza would be the opposite of Colony V. This is not to say it would be a bad place... Everything needs an equal opposite. Cortoza would be a place of great creativity, romance and humour. Lively, even in its darkness, Cortoza would be a place that spirits could roam freely, talking of their unfinished business or of those they left behind.

Some said that Cortoza was too different from Colony V, too dark, too depressing, but others found it to be the perfect home. Though, of course, the inhabitants of Colony V and Cortoza would sometimes clash, they would generally complement each other nicely.

After all, even the greatest of lights casts a shadow.

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