Ancient NationZ: Colony V's History

"In the beginning, before all else, there was light."
-Woozworld Mythology, ch. Colony V, p. 206

We've delved deeply into the Colony V chapter of the newly-found Woozworld Mythology book and MAN, we have learned a lot. Keep reading to learn more about the creation of Colony V!

In a time before time, Zeuse was born to a family of power. Zaia, her mother, was nurturing and kind, while CronoZ, her father, king of the gods, was wildly jealous, cruel and rage-filled. Fearing his children would become more powerful than he, each child would be banished to a realm of nothing, never to be freed. Upon Zeuse's birth, Zaia hid her daughter away to be raised by wood nymphs and lied to CronoZ, telling him she had already banished the child to the realm of nothing. Once Zeuse learned the truth of her birth, she vowed revenge upon her father. CronoZ had wronged many in the realm he ruled, creating many enemies. These enemies, upon learning of Zeuse's plan of revenge, bestowed upon her many powers. These additional powers helped Zeuse to defeat, CronoZ, thus freeing her siblings. CronoZ banished himself to the realm of nothing for all of eternity.

With CronoZ banished, Zeuse became the most powerful in the realm, thus taking the throne as queen of the gods. With her new power, Zeuse became the goddess of the sky, harnessing its infinite powers. She named her new sky realm Colony V to represent the 5 members of her family; herself, her 3 siblings and her mother.

Zeuse's new realm quickly became the center of light, optimism and technology. It became home to the brightest ideas, sharpest minds and the most forward of thinkers. Busy during the day, calm during the night, Colony V was a welcome change from CronoZ's reign. This is not to say it was a perfect realm, though... Ruled by the sky, Colony V could be tumultuous in nature, just as Zeuse herself was prone to moodiness. At a moment's notice, the sky could change from blue to black, the clouds from light and fluffy to dark and heavy, raining down upon those below. Even the lightest breeze could become the strongest gust of wind in mere seconds. In a word, Colony V was lacking balance.

Seeking balance, Zeuse declared that her siblings would also rule their own realms. Her brother HadeZ would rule darkness; Cortoza. The twins, Zapollo and ArtemiZ, would rule the sun and moon respectively; Lib Street and Mystic Alley. Each would be perfectly equal and balanced. No longer would they be called realms, but NationZ, and they would be part of one, complete world... Woozworld.

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