An Azurium Carole

Green Woozens,

Guess who's here with an exciting garden update? It's your plant-loving friend, Basil!

I have some surprising news to share with you.

Nurse Joyce and I were discussing the recent appearance of Zoomies in Woozworld. I mentioned that my greenhouse and Monsteras didn't seem to be affected, but it turns out that I was mistaken.

Initially, I assumed that the Zoomies were a new type of plant species from my neighbor Professor Zoe Kelvin Nowk's UnitZ. She named them Azurium, and they're these cute little sprouts! I brought one of them into my greenhouse, assuming it was a delightful addition. Little did I know, it was the beginning of something unexpected.

More Zoomies appeared as the Azurium plant grew, which makes me wonder if it has some magical properties; the plant keeps thriving even in winter so we might solve this mystery soon.

When you encounter unique seeds in Woozworld, plant them to reveal their secrets!

Green-thumb high-fives,


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