All Aboard the H.M.S. Valenship

Lovely Woozens,

As Valentine's Day approaches, we (the Woozband) have been trying to figure out what exactly it is we want to do. Jenny and Max are celebrating their first Valentine's (again) as a married couple (again), so they want to do something romantic. Jay and Mya, on the other hand, want to celebrate something the less romantic Palentine's- a day celebrating your besties, BFFs and pals. With these drastically different ideas of celebrating the traditionally romantic holiday, we've been having trouble choosing how we want to celebrate.

As we were searching for the perfect Valentine's (or Palentine's!) vacation, we stumbled upon the H.M.S. Valenship, a cruise ship where you can celebrate the way you want to! It sounded absolutely perfect, but before we set out, we needed to know one thing: would all of our friends (that means YOU) would be able to join us? The ship owner, only known as Her Majesty, happily obliged and has extended the invite to all Woozens! So, for the next few weeks, we'll be at sea celebrating love (in all its forms), exploring the cruise ship and trying to learn about its mysterious Queen.

So welcome aboard, Woozens! Grab your Valentine (or Palentine) and enjoy the cruise!

Your Cruisin' Woozband

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