After Prom 2k22

Post-Prom Woozens,

We hope you all had a faaaantastic Prom!

It's time to put the fire-breathing aside, and start chilling fire-side! That's right, it's time to celebrate After Prom!

For this year's After Prom, we're getting reeeeal relaxed by the pool!

All of your fave After Prom furniture items are back...along with some extra goodies to help you design an awesome After Prom bash!

We wanna see you design a jaw-dropping After Prom Unitz. Make sure you add "After Prom" in the title! Plush & iCaramba will be stopping by some of their fave Unitz on July 7, 8, 11, and 12!

All you need to do is design a fab & fun pool party using a mix of items from the After Prom Furniture category of ShopZ before Tuesday, July 12! Make sure your Unitz has "After Prom" in the title!

Happy designing!

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