After Prom 2020

Excited Woozens,

Prom 2020 is coming up fast! And you know what that means...After Prom is JUST around the corner! Before the party starts, we just wanted to let you know what to expect.

After spending the month of June kicking up dust in Woozstead Valley, we thought we oughta mosey on down to a waterin' hole for After Prom. That's right; for After Prom, we'll be cooling off with a POOL PARTY! And it's about time...That desert sun was starting to get to us!

You'll be able to get in on the fun and create your own After Prom Unitz using furniture and the Unitz from the After Prom category of ShopZ. Then, starting next week, we (iCaramba and YadaYada) will be visiting your Unitz! Woozens whose Unitz we visit will receive an exclusive achievement.

It's time to kick off the cowboy boots, let your hair down and cool off with After Prom 2020! We can't wait to lounge poolside with you!

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