A Taste of deadbunn1 Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers,

Easter is here and there are new deadbunn1 Chocolate Heads to collect! That's right, we've got some deeeelicious new deadbunn1 Chocolate Head flavors to keep you lookin' like the snack you are!

Make way for the *new* Lavendar, Blueberry and Matcha deadbunn1 Chocolate Head flavors!

From today (April 15 at 8 AM WT), until Wednesday (April 20) at 5 PM WT, you'll be able to get an exclusive new deadbunn1 Chocolate Head from the Woozworld Store. For every 2,500 Wooz purchased, you'll receive a FREE deadbunn1 Chocolate Head at random. You will be able to receive this free gift a maximum of 10 times. After 10,000 Wooz, you have a 10% chance of getting your hands on the fourth flavor... The Gold deadbunn1 Chocolate Head!

Can you get all 4 new flavors?

The heads will become transferable on Thursday, April 21.

Hoppy shopping!