Hello Woozens!

We are not done with giving you things to do in Woozworld! The contests do not stop, the quizzes, the quests.

We have chosen to reinvent the mazes. What does that mean, reinvented mazes?

First things first, what is a maze?

It's an Unitz where you need to find the right tile to move forward, sometimes it's really easy. Sometimes it's a bit more difficult. If you persevere and get to the end of the labyrinth, there is... A PRIZE! The reward can change depending on the difficulty or theme of the maze.

Now you ask me, where can I find this mazes?

We launch them from time to time, but now they will all be together in a new navigation category that will be called : MAZES!

But what if we already did the old mazes.. So what's the point of doing them again?

We thought of everything, but especially of you! As mentioned above, the old labyrinths that we are bringing back will have NEW REWARDS, and we'll keep adding more mazes every month!!

Can you tell us more about the type of reward?

Well, we don't want to take away the surprise of discovering them, but there will be prizes for all tastes, from clothing, to supplies. Maybe achievements, titles... Only the future will tell!

Are you up to the challenge? Will you be the first Wooz to complete the new mazes? Will you have the motivation to finish it? Let's try it NOW!

Woozworld Staff

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