A Lesson in Backpacks Part 1


I'm Zoe Kelvin Nowk, and I'll be your teacher for our very first backpack-making class this year.

Now, you might be wondering why the new science teacher is teaching this class. Have you seen her before?

You see, although I have other important commitments, I'm excited to teach this class on behalf of Principal Philbert. Let's have some fun!

Let's dive into Backpack Making 101. This class is regaining popularity.

Before we create cool backpacks, we'll start with something simple and fun.

At WoozDale High's Sewing Classroom, we have just received some fantastic fabrics.

We need your help in collecting them so that we can make exceptional backpacks. Are you excited to be a part of this project?

Check out ShopZ for additional fabric choices.

More options coming soon for crafting complex backpacks.

I will be returning shortly with additional Backpack classes and fresh fabric options!

Professor Zoe Kelvin Nowk

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