A History of The Dragon Houses

Dragon-Lovin' Woozens,

How 'bout that history lesson from Mr. O'Neil?! Pfft, and he said he didn't believe in rumors.

Speaking of rumors, some of the crew in the Mine think that they felt a slight rumble down there... Some think it was a little earthquake, while others think it was Charles' stomach after not being able to eat in the dark, and some think it was something much, much bigger...

There are a couple of Miners saying that, when the portal was open, it disturbed... something... down there. Nobody's totally sure what happened exactly, and it's probably nothing to worry about, but let's just say that the Mining crew are treading lightly.

While Mr. O'Neil and his crew work on making sure the Mine is safe, we thought we would do a little investigating ourselves and try to find out more about those Dragon Houses he mentioned.

Lucky for you, we did some seeeeeerious digging in the Woozworld Archives and got the hot (historical) scoop on all three Dragon Houses!

The first Dragon House, Vulcan Soar, believed that their best chance of catching Draco would be to head to high & hot ground! Vulcan Soar got its name from the ancient dragon, Drygyn, that was believed to flourish in the heat! Drygyn's habitats included some sizzling places such as volcanoes, the desert, and there are suspicions that they even travelled down South to the HollyWooz Beach before it became the beach you all know and love. Perhaps for a vacation, who knows? Don't get too close, this Dragon House was never afraid to bring the heat heat heat!

The second Dragon House, Forest Fyre, was created by a group of Woozens that believed in the art of camouflage, which was thought to have been mastered by the Dragon, Rhoozgal. This dragon was known to thrive in all things green! Once the hunt for Draco began, the Forest Fyre Dragon House thought the best plan of action would be to adapt to their surroundings and, in time, evolve into the perfect camouflaged hunter! Let's just say, it was best to travel through the Undead Forest in groups...

Finally, we have the Dragon House known as Frost Flame. Legend has it that the Frost Flame Dragon House got its name from the mysterious dragon of the North, Woozerion. Not much is known about Woozerion, besides its height, weight, social security number, email address, and love for water & ice! This Dragon House was thought to be a true force to reckon with both on land AND in water.

Sounds pretty wild, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, we weren't able to dig up much on Draco. So far, it seems as though there is no documentation that says which Dragon House managed to slay the evil dragon.

Of course, our investigation isn't over yet! You KNOW we'll be coming straight to you when we get some more hot tea!


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