2024 Pixel Art

Artist Woozens,

Get ready to show off your artistic skills in this exciting Pixel Art UnitZ contest!

Create adorable drawings using only floor tiles.

Check out some cool examples here:

Hello Kitty from AnahiLisette

Spiderman N Venom Pixel Art by KagayaUbuyash1k1

Baby Yoda by -Auto

This month's theme is all about imagining Woozworld in the year 2024!

What do you think will happen in our favorite virtual world by then?

Let your creativity run wild as you dream up the future and envision the countless adventures that await you.

The most skillfully crafted artwork will win awesome prizes in Wooz, a Profile Skin, and a Special Title!

To assist you, we have created a ShopZ category with a range of floor tiles that can be used for your artwork.

You can find it HERE.

Make sure to review the following rules to increase your chances of winning the contest:


-Your UnitZ should be a maximum of 30x30, using only Floor Tiles.

-Submit your UnitZ through THIS link before January 21.

-The results will be announced on January 23.

-Please ensure that your drawing adheres to the theme and complies with the Woozworld code of conduct.

-This contest is individual, no collaborations are allowed.

-You can use apps and programs to generate pixel art, but the final artwork must be created within a UnitZ.

-Don't forget to name your UnitZ "Pixel Art: Woozworld 2024."

-Artworks will be evaluated based on creativity, clarity, and overall execution.

Let's bring Woozworld 2024 to life in beautiful pixels! So, get your creative juices flowing!

Good luck, artists.

Woozworld Staff