2018 WoozCup!

As you may know, this year's World Cup will take place in Russia starting on June 14!

It's hard to believe that the very first World Cup was held 88 years (!!!) ago in Uruguay! In fact, way back then, there were only 13 participating teams. These days, the World Cup is one of the most highly regarded sporting events in the World! Soccer (or football ;) ) teams from across the globe compete to even qualify for the World Cup. Once they're in, the games really begin!

Woozworld will also be getting on the fun with... the 2018 WoozCup!

Before we can start the celebration though... We have to tell you something. A few of the competing countries' flags were -ahem- misplaced. You might see them around Woozworld. If you do, be sure to pick them up! We want the WoozCup to go as smoothly as possible.

We can't wait to see you rocking your favourite team's jerseys! Have your pompoms at the ready; you just never know when you might have to break out in a cheer!

Check out your Quest Journal to get started on what's sure to be an exciting (and memorable) WoozCup!

Your always kickin' Woozband