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    Being a VIP has always been fun, and now it's even MORE fun with exclusive VIP benefits! Take advantage of our promos with Wooz bonuses here:

    Explore our VIP benefits on the Blog!

  • MaxWooz

    The SWEETEST Woozworld is coming soon! Read the blog to find out more!

  • MyaWooz

    You asked, we answered: new faces, legs, and shoes for VIP are available in ZeChic, and we have a little bonus outfit for new VIP subscribers in Store!

  • JennyWooz

    Visit the enchanting Ever After High Lounge to hang out and discover Suzanne Selfors' spellbinding new book, Ever After High: Kiss and Spell!

  • JayWooz

    Sup Woozens! The all new Unitz design contest is out now. Get yo designz in line!

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    Woozens, we received wayyyy more awesome blog submissions than we expected! Here are our official Woozworld fansite selections. Be sure to check their blogs for all your updates! XD

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    What theme would you like to see for Prom 2015? Submit your ideas in the gold podz! We'll be picking our faves for you to vote on next week. Prom on! xx

  • MyaWooz

    Your favorite Woozens' Choice outfits are back by popular demand in Store!

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    Woozens! Will you join me on a rainforest adventure to the lost Monkey Temple? But be warned! Tis a treacherous landscape. Get the lay of the land here

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    The moment we've all been waiting for is ALMOST here! Woozworld's app for Android(TM) will launch in the Google Play Store on... April 23rd! If you guessed the right date in our poll, you'll receive a special gift early next week. (And if you guess wrong, don't worry, you can still experience the joy of downloading the app XD)

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    Happy Friday, Woozens! The WoozPaper Vol. 152 is hot off the presses with the latest Woozworld newz and updates! B)

  • JennyWooz

    Create your very own Rainforest unitz with all new furns from Shopz!

  • MyaWooz

    With touches of blue for Earth Day, Evacam wowed us with this glittering confection of an outfit. Congrats to our new Star of the Week! xx

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