• MOD021

    To maintain a fair community and to respect all our users, we want to remind everyone that Woozworld does NOT allow cheating of any kind. Doing so is a serious offence and your account will be permanently banned. This is for the safety of all the Woozens that enjoy Woozworld.

  • JennyWooz

    Missing any of your Woozworld friends? You can send them your own personal welcome-back link (located on your WoozIN underneath Hot Friends). If you friend logs in using that link, you both get a prize! Click here more about our celebration of Woozworld friendship :3

  • MaxWooz

    To keep your account even more secure, we've added a new security question feature. Read the blog for more details, and set yours up today!

  • JayWooz

    Yo Woozens, y'all have probably noticed that ZackWooz has disappeared from Woozworld... and we think he's up to no good. Your mission, starting Monday: visit a new city everyday to try and locate Zack and bring him home by following the Passport Objectivz. Good luck y'all!

  • LilyWooz

    Hey guys, the WoozPaper vol. 166 is now available! It's a rundown of our ongoing search for ZackWooz, plus Star of the Week and Unitz design contest winners, and articles from Woozens and fansites! B)

  • JennyWooz

    Traveling all the way to Paris, France, RecklessCharms and Casanova earned the title of WooPetz of the Week! :3

  • MyaWooz

    Looking Euro fab in a summery jacket and skirt combo, HopelesslyCoping is our new Star of the Week! xx

  • MyaWooz

    VIPs, we've added some new clothes and faces to ZeChic just for you! xx

  • JennyWooz

    Wow, there were so many good detective videos I had an-extra hard time choosing just 5 Video Challenge winners! Great job everyone, and congratulations especially to ChibiSnickersxx, -KaylaKawaii-, LilEmsy4, mime-mime-mime, and tony-hawk6 :3

  • MyaWooz

    We've been so many places this month! Grab your favorite outfit from July from the Store before they disappear xx #tbm

  • JayWooz

    Sup y'all, this week I wanna see what y'all thought of Europe. Create a Unitz based on a European city and submit it to the red Podz along with a lil explanation of where in the world you are. Peace!

  • UnitZ

    Mini Pink's Hideaway -Everybody Welcomed

    Underground Club

    Witch's Lair

    Lounge 2

    Trade Center

    Fashion Studio


    1 Crystal

    10 CrystalZ

    1 Pearl

    10 Pearlz

    25 Pearlz

    VIP Gift: Month 1