• MaxWooz

    BE AWARE, WOOZENS! There is a fake Woozworld App in the Android Store that costs money. THIS IS NOT US. The official Woozworld App is currently only available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We will let you know when we launch our App on Android.

  • MyaWooz

    Changing your skin & eye colour just got a whole lot easier! Instead of having to find a Tanning Booth, just open your Profile Window and click on the skin changing button! If youre VIP, you get 4 exclusive tones! Stand out & be vibrant with new SKIN tones! Get other benefits by becoming a VIP!

  • JennyWooz

    Being a VIP has always been fun, and now it's even MORE fun with exclusive VIP benefits! Take advantage of our promos with Wooz bonuses here:

    Explore our VIP benefits on the Blog!

  • LilyWooz

    Breaking Newz Woozens! GoodOldWooz has been kidnapped! Who did it? Explore Woozworld High and talk to the teachers to get clues! Help us find him safe and sound. Visit our Blog for more info!

  • LilyWooz

    Get to know the Woozworld High teachers and finish their sentence using the Insta Pollz. These aren't tests but ways for you to tell their story! We need to solve this Pretty Little Mystery!

  • MyaWooz

    Hey Woozens! Meet our newest friends from BeMe VIP-BE and VIP-ME ! Give them a big Woozworld welcome by visiting their WoozIn pages and saying hello!

  • JennyWooz

    Hey Woozens, 30 BeMe Emblems of 5 different designs are hidden throughout Woozworld! Find them all and win a special very unique BeMe prize! Visit our Blog to find all you need to know about the BeMe Quest!

  • JayWooz

    Enter the all new Pretty Little Mystery design contest here! Don't y'all forget to use the new Furns available in Shopz now!

  • JennyWooz

    Hi Woozens, do you miss creating amazing Gourmet treats? How fun is it to turn from a miniature Woozen to a giant green one!? Here's the good news: ZeChic in Shopz is now filled with a tone of Gourmet ingredients exclusively for our VIP members .Hurry and fill your bags with sweets and have everything in hand before Halloween arrives! X)

  • MyaWooz

    Hey Woozens! What Pretty Little Fall Outfit best suits you? Fall head over heels for our latest Collection available in Store now!

  • JayWooz

    Congrats Starafo! We loved your epic lyrics!

  • MyaWooz

    Congratulation Peachi!! Your fall outfit was astounding to all of us!! Great work xx

  • LilyWooz

    BREAKING NEWS! The Principal of Wzw High has confirmed that Professor Preztige was in his lab working on the vaccine for a strange new disease all night, and can't have kidnapped GoodoldWooz. Who committed the crime? Help us solve this Pretty Little Mystery!

  • LilyWooz

    Woozens, we've got a new poll up with the teachers that are still suspects. Be sure to vote again and help us solve this Pretty Little Mystery!

  • JennyWooz

    I will be interviewing author Tim Carvell about his amazing books, on Tuesday September 30th at 6:00 PM (WT). See you there! X)

  • UnitZ

    Bali Villa

    Bali Maze 2

    Warlockz vs Trackerz maze

    Woozworld Skatepark

    Hobbiz-R-us Skateboard challenge


    1 Crystal

    1 Dinosaur

    1 Minotaur

    10 Minotaurz

    25 Minotaurz

    50 Minotaurz

    100 Minotaurz

    1 Dragon