• MOD021

    To maintain a fair community and to respect all our users, we want to remind everyone that Woozworld does NOT allow cheating of any kind. Doing so is a serious offence and your account will be permanently banned. This is for the safety of all the Woozens that enjoy Woozworld.

  • JennyWooz

    Missing any of your Woozworld friends? You can send them your own personal welcome-back link (located on your WoozIN underneath Hot Friends). If you friend logs in using that link, you both get a prize! Click here more about our celebration of Woozworld friendship :3

  • MaxWooz

    To keep your account even more secure, we've added a new security question feature. Read the blog for more details, and set yours up today!

  • JayWooz

    Sup Woozens! As y'all may know, the Woozworld Gift Card gives you a monthlong VIP membership, 10,000 Wooz, and a lil puppy WooPetz. Starting today, when you redeem your card, you'll also get one of 6 graphic tops. These are tradeable, so you can swap around to collect all 6. Enjoy!

  • MyaWooz

    Flawlessly combining old and new WNS items for a fresh rock sensibility, vampirelover151 is our new sapphire-hued Star of the Week! (And she earned herself a special sneak-preview prize: the September birthstone Symbz!) xx

  • JennyWooz

    This week's Video Challenge is a superhero showdown in Woozworld's own Lib Street! Will good conquer EVIL?

  • JennyWooz

    VIPs, join me for a special Chat Room at 5 PM WT! The Unitz will open at 4:30 PM WT so you have time to line up :3 See you there!

  • MyaWooz

    With school about to start again, it's time to hit the Store! It's the last chance to get star-worthy style with outfits from WNS 2015

  • JayWooz

    Yooo congrats to patunea for creating a Z-Punkette dorm room worthy of Zeena herself! S/o to runners-up Audinga, zelda989, nikkiMath, and earlybird123. Y'all did some great work and I'm mad proud. Peace!

  • LilyWooz

    Happy Friday! (and Beyoncé's birthday, as Mya keeps singing .-.) The WoozPaper vol. 169 is out now, featuring Star of the Week vampirelover151, Z-Punkette Unitz Design contest winners, articles by Woozens, and more! B)

  • Woozarazzi

    EXTRA! EXTRA! WNS may be over, but the drama continues!

  • JayWooz

    Sup y'all! Truth or Tale starts at 3 PM WT today! See you there

  • UnitZ


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